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Back & Badder Than Ever

We heard you were looking for us, well HERE WE GO!

Formally known as We Are The New Retro, we decided that it was time to get with the times, make a change & introduce the next level to the game. Inspired by fashion forward baddies all across the globe, we provide a premium curated selection of unique items with you babes and you bomb besties in mind. 

Since we provide a very unique selection of specialty goods that can not be topped or found anywhere else on the market (at a better price!), we avoid selling basic or bare essentials - because our babes deserve the best and aren't basic (we'll leave that to the ForeverWhatever's and other like them).

Although we've given our brand a face-lift, we hope to continue to be the small company you've come to know and love!

Later, Bae!
- The #BombSquad at The New Retro


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