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Are you a babe who is the Bomb.Com? We are now accepting ambassadors & affiliate requests from influencers of any social media platform, such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, or others! College students welcome!




We currently have 2 options for new or experienced influencers to choose from, which are:

  • EARN FREE Merchandise as a Brand Ambassador (SEE BELOW TO APPLY)
  • PROMOTE & RECEIVE $$ from Referrals as a PAID Affiliate Partner (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE & APPLY)



  • Must have at least 3000+ followers (please provide screenshot).
  • Active audience + engagement with your followers. 
  • Account must be public.



All prospective ambassadors must apply by filling out the application form HERE

You are not required to buy any merchandise to be considered, this allows for our ambassadors to sit back and rack up on our exclusive items, completely FREE. In your email, please include all the following information in bullet points, and tell us why YOU should be a Retro Brand Ambassador.

  • Name/age/country of residence and a little about yourself, like your interests. This does not in any way have to be an essay, just a sentence or so so we can get to know you!
  • What social media platform will you promote on? 
  • Followers count (screenshot would be ideal, but not necessary) 
  • Link(s) or Usernames to your Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you plan to promote us! 
  • The name of the discount code you would like to promote with, YOU choose! Example: "BEYONCE20"


*PLEASE NOTE: DM request via social media platforms will not be considered. Please use professionalism in your request, otherwise, you may not be considered. If you send your request via email, please send to with "RETRO BRAND AMBASSADOR: (@your_username)" as the email Subject. Due to the high amount of spam and daily emails we receive, sponsorship requests without said subject will not be considered for our program.



      HOW IT WORKS: 

      1. You'll be issued a unique referral link and discount code.
      2. You'll promote our store/products by sharing either your code or link across your social network.
      3. We will reward you with 1 FREE product of your choice every time 5 people use your code. We will also give your customers a 20% discount when they use your code.
      We provide you a 20% discount code to promote our website/products as an ambassador! For EVERY 5 people who use your code (used during payment checkout on our site when purchasing), you will be eligible to receive ONE FREE product to review or just keep! So if 10 people use your code, you will be eligible to receive 2 Free products, etc. See chart below for more details.

      Free Product Eligibility:
      Times Your Code Is Used
      Number of FREE Products You Will Receive
      5 Times 1 Product
      10 Times Products
      15 Times 3 Products
      20 Times 4 Products
      25 Times 5 Products
      30 Times Products
      35 Times 7 Products
      And so on...


      *TIPS: You can go about promoting in many ways such as referring your code to friends and family or using photos of our items to promote, etc. You can use our photos, or feel free to take your own! Easy ways to promote include using links of products in your social media bio, sharing posts via Twiiter/Tumblr/IG/Facebook with your exclusive code, etc.

      Use your imagination and get creative! Free Merch, Coming Right Up!

      APPLY NOW 

       *Influencer codes that have not had at least 1 use within the first 90 days of activation will be disabled.